Micronized Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide, aluminum hydroxide, lauric acid

Shown to reflect sunlight (reflects UVB rays). Does not leave a white film on the skin like regular titanium dioxide. High transmittance of visible light rays. Gives natural looking finish to cosmetic products. Has no whitening effect.


Micronized (Non-nano) white pigment of crystalline structure with a high refractive index & great inertness able to reflect & scatter light. Derived from the naturally occurring mineral ilmenite. Synonyms: cosmetic white, rutile, brookite, tipaque, zopaque, titanic anhydride. Average particle size is about 15 nm, TiO2 content 81+/-3%, contains lauric acid and aluminum hydroxide as surface modifiers. Ultrafine, fluffy white powder, odorless. Insoluble but dispersible in water, oils & triglycerides.

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